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A program to help your
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Objectives of Enviroveg

  • To support and improve environmental management of farmland
  • To facilitate program recognition of and competitive advantage from EnviroVeg membership and branding
  • Track industry progress regarding sustainable farming practices

The Enviroveg Values

The Enviroveg Values

EnviroVeg members value the environment and their production resources. Stewards of land, water and biodiversity, we embody these values.

  • Minimise the impact of vegetable production on the environment
  • Prioritise vegetable production techniques that use a minimum, sustainable amount of resources
  • Production practices strive to align with farm resource management objectives
  • Increase the uptake of quality research on farm
  • Continuous improvement of vegetable production systems in these areas


EnviroVeg membership requires annual completion of an internal selfassessment (this is the minimum requirement). Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of this program, and it is important that members understand the serious commitment to environmental management.

For full details see EnviroVeg program rules. Also see certification and logo use rules to understand the requirements and benefits for independent verification of environmental practices.

Additional Components

The self-assessment encourages uptake of environmental-best practice production techniques and relevant industry research as well as highlighting member requirements to progress to certification. It is hosted on the Hort360 platform, which is maintained by Growcom. A feedback report (the EnviroVeg feedback report) is produced through the self-assessment containing benchmarking and improvement information linked to the EnviroVeg Manual.

For more in-depth analysis of your report, there is optional EnviroVeg training. For independent verification of your practices, as well as access to EnviroVeg branding, EnviroVeg offers a pathway to achieve certification to Freshcare Environmental.


Recognition options available to members (dependent on their progress through EnviroVeg) include:

  • Use of Enviroveg logo

  • Inclusion in EnviroVeg business registry

  • Certificate of membership

  • Referencing EnviroVeg on promotional materials

  • Letter of acknowledgement from EnviroVeg to supply-chain and community

Your journey to an environmentally sustainable operation

Getting environmentally sustainable isn’t as hard as you think, going through our processes takes only 5 steps


5 steps to certification:

    Self assess your property through our program
    How to improve your operations with our technical manual
    Put what you’ve learnt into practice with EnviroVeg training
    A Freshcare ENV auditor can visit and inspect your operations
    Pass the audit, you’ll achieve Freshcare ENV certification