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EnviroVeg is dedicated to helping innovative growers to implement environmentally sustainable production methods

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Food & Agriculture

Food security is a major concern in a world with an exploding population. In 2050, 9.8 billion people will demand 70% more food than is consumed today.

Food production inputs face increasing competition for use.


Food production in Australia requires operating in unforgiving conditions and a variable climate. Despite this, Australia remains a world leader in agriculture.

Our competitiveness can be attributed to above average productivity growth in the sector and a strong research and development base. 


Today many people enjoy the cheapest food in human history. In rich countries it is one third of the price our grandparents used to pay for it.

The global middle class is projected to increase to 4.9 billion by 2030,10 a population growth largely driven by developing countries. These consumers are increasing their consumption of total calories and are able to pay more for trusted premium products.


Poor eating choices is resulting in an increase in obesity, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases in Australia. These chronic non-communicable diseases are now the number one global killer, claiming more than 36 million lives annually.

Unbalanced diets and poor nutrition consumption lead to chronic disorders. However, a diet high in fresh produce and whole foods, particularly vegetables, can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The Future

Farmers are not just growing food. Our 1.8 billion farmers also manage half the world’s land, three quarters of its fresh water and a third of its atmosphere. To do so sustainably requires increased consumer understanding and fair prices for their produce.

Future needs dictate we produce more nutritious food from less land with a lower environmental impact. Achieving this requires stimulation of farm productivity growth per unit area through research based on well informed monitoring.

Your journey to a sustainable operation

Getting sustainable isn’t as hard as you think, going through our processes you can be certified sustainable in 5 steps


5 steps to certification:

    Self assess your property through our program
    How to improve your operations with our technical manual
    Put what you’ve learnt into practice with EnviroVeg training
    Undertake an on-farm audit to the Freshcare environmental standard
    Pass the audit, you’ll achieve Freshcare environmental certification